Sonnet: Flower my dreams

When I see her face; my eyes close from beauty,
it would be a lie to say, on that day my heart
did not skip a beat, it froze to her sly spread of red
that held my feet in place as her smile, stopped my heart.
Her eyes are not eyes, they are spot lights on the search
for one who was wanted and all were unlike the criminal,
leaping into the light; where as I leap into the darkness,
not out of cowardice, I want her to see me, to find me,
to catch me in her light so it glows bright from effort–
from the unveiling of intrigue. I want to know her
just in the glance, an’ never hasting to her feet from outer,
for she is the sun that gives me life, I wish
to grow in the rays of her and flower my dreams,
for her.

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