Sonnet: The Wish of a Dead Heart

I am one who finds life wanting, wishing for one thing,
to unfurl from my ways so that I may take the pearl
steal the world from those of light, make them feel
quite the fright in the day as it is in the night, oh how I long
to bring my blight with a bite into their light; block the sun from sight
with my endless spite turned zeal by the steel of my years
I will make meals of them all, under my heel their fates will be sealed
tight; no wheel will take them in flight.

I yearn for the day I learn to spurn the sun
an’ delay the slay of it’s decaying rays, on that day
I will sway into the light to the suns dismay
for it no doesn’t concern me anymore as I turn
from a terror who flays the strays of the night into a slayer
of the day and feed to my dead hearts, content.

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