Falling to Darkness

He wants to close his eyes

but cannot.

He needs to close his eyes

but with horror on the mind, cannot.

He wishes to close his eyes

but it is not granted.

He prays to close his eyes,

there is no answer; only the knowledge,

if eyes close, he waves good-bye to sanity.


He hungers for rest

but it does not come.

He hungers for relief

but his soul screams in fright.

he hungers for light in the dark

but the visions of terror are darker

than it all.


He wonders how long he can last

the evil basks in his doubt.

He wonders what the monster is

the evil trying to get out.

He wonders what will come

when the evil replaces his soul.

He wonders. . . .


. . .What will be left of him when he falls,

no longer the dove, will those he loves

pay the cost?

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