Sonnet: Farewell Former World

With each step, I cast a bet into the night,

a gesture set to wave farewell to the day

which passes with the sun an’ rises with the proud man

of night. Their goodbye to the former world, a coil now

unspun an’ turned like a wheel outside of the spiral,

for the day is down; the night is up, my feet strike to the beat

of a farewell to the former world it has served well.

Now is the time to sell all the chips gathered from that corner,

mount an expedition into the new world, placed by the down of the moon

and the lifting of the sun, if only my hands could let go with such ease

of the bands forged in the bright heat that tie them to this former world,

just as my feet strike to the beat of a farewell; the rest of the body

must follow in the pace and tune set,

allow the former world to drift, farewell.


‘Say goodbye to where we don’t belong; living in darkness of the former’

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